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10% off new Rainbow sandals!

  • 1 min read

Hey guys, guess what? It's FRIDAY...everybody celebrate! To kick off the weekend we are releasing our new line of Sandals and giving you 10% off (today only).  These Sandals are amazing and many on our team have been wearing them for years, so we thought why not bring our favorite brand of Sandals into the Hope Store...If you don't have them yet, then boy are you missing out! So come down and try them. We promise you'll fall in love!

The founder and CEO of Rainbow first was inspired to design his own high-quality sandals after finding a broken sandal on the beach while out surfing. Being a man who love's to surf, he was tired of finding sandals littering the beaches. He decided that day that he would design the ultimate sandal, and he did! After trial and error and even inventing his own sturdy glue, he designed the perfect sandal. The best thing about them isn't just that they ARE the best flip-flops in town, but the fact that they are reusable. After you've worn yours out, you can send them back to be repaired and then donated across the world to someone who needs them. whether they're an orphan or homeless, your sandals will go to a pair of feet that receive them with joy and thanksgiving. So cool!

Shop the rainbow line right here in our store, click here.