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HiM Nalgene Multi-Drink

HiM Nalgene Multi-Drink

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"I am in HiM" is inspired by 1 John 5:20, which says that our identity is in Christ.  When you use a HiM water bottle you proclaim to the world that you are "in HiM who is true by being in His Son, Jesus Christ."  

Fits into cup holder.  Has a loop-top cap that won’t get lost.  Has a straw that rotates out so you can drink on the go, great for heads up drinking in the car.  The straw goes back in its own “garage” to protect it from our sticky world.  Straw locks into place to make a leak proof container. 

  • Limited edition HiM x Nalgene multi-drink water bottle
  • Neon yellow with gray lid
  • Bottle is made in the USA, top cap is not
  • 20 oz. capacity
  • BPA free
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