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My name is Ryan Welch. I am the founder of Hope Outfitters, a Christian T-shirt company started three years ago to honor and glorify our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.  Currently, we are an all volunteer company and have given back over $200k, not taking a penny of the profit.  We started this company for a twofold purpose: to love and honor God and to love hurting people.  We have stayed committed to this goal and continue to donate 100% of our profit back to help those who need it most.  What a journey it has been! We have seen God do some amazing things.  Click here to see some great stories, or click the "Buy 1 Give 100" link above. 

Now, our company is at a crossroads; we need to hire our first staff member.  We are growing because God has been faithful to us, despite our lack of resources.  Currently, all of our team works full time. That means we volunteer weekends and nights, often working until midnight, to get the job done at Hope Outfitters.  We could hire staff and use the profits from our shirts to pay them, but this would take away from the money we give back to those who are hurting. 

This is where you come in: we are looking to build friendships with people who want to become faithful members of Hope Outfitters, a "Friend of Hope."  If you believe in the vision and purpose of Hope Outfitters, we are asking you to consider supporting us with a monthly donation.  Your monthly donation will be invested in the company, enabling us to grow and reach more people with the love of Christ.  With your donation we will be able to hire staff allowing us to donate more money back to help those in need.

Please note, your gift is NOT tax deductible.  By business structure Hope Outfitters is a for-profit, but by mission we donate all the profit back.  Therefore, we cannot give a tax deductible receipt.  However, God will  bless you for your sacrifice. Matthew 6:4 says, "let your giving be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly." 

If you would like to talk to me about being a "Friend of Hope," you can write me on our Hope Outfitters Facebook page  Thank you so much for your loving service to our King.

Or, if you would like to read more about our story, click the "About Us" link in the footer below.