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Go to this page to learn about changing or updating your donation.

Yes, you can go here to learn about giving to Hope and our partners on a regular basis?

Hope Outfitters gives 100% of the profit back to our selected causes!  Additionally, our founders to date have never taken a penny of salary from the company.  This allows us to give back as much as possible.  To determine how much we give back, Hope Outfitters takes all the money from clothing sales and donations to first pay the expenses of the company (cost to make our clothing + operating expenses).  Then after all the expensesfor the company have been paid, we donate every cent of profit back to fighting human trafficking, helping vets, and saving babies.  We do this because Jesus gave everything for us, so we in a small way want to give everything back to His work in the world.

It varies by year.  We first must pay the expenses to run the company.  After the expenses are paid, we take 100% of the profit and give it back to our causes.  E.g., if it is a good year, our sales are high and our expenses low, then we can give back more.  However, there have been years where it has been hard to make a profit and we are barely surviving, during those years our giving is low.  At the time of writing this (Jan 2023) we have given back over $300,000 as a company.

No, your donations are not tax deductible.  By business structure Hope Outfitters is not a non-profit, but by mission we donate all the profit back. Therefore, we cannot give a tax-deductible receipt. However, God will bless you for your sacrifice. Matthew 6:4 says, "let your giving be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly."


Yes, go here and fill out the application.

Other Questions

All are designed and decorated in the US.  We would love all our products to be made in the USA, and quite a few are.  Unfortunately, manufacturing everything in the US is not possible. However, we always make sure everything you buy from us is high-quality and ethically sourced. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that 100% of the profit is donated back to our causes.

We donate 100% of our profit back to our causes which means that we donate back everything above our expenses to make the shirts and pay the bills. Buy 1 Give 100!

Yes, you can return or replace your item (at our cost) anytime if the defect is related to a manufacturing quality issue. If you order the wrong size we ask that you pay the return shipping, because of the cost to us and the impact it would have on how much we can give back to our causes.

Currently, we don't have an application process. We just pray about it and pick as God leads. If you think we should to consider your organization or recommendation, submit it on our Contact Us page.