Youth Keep Homeschool Weird Tee

Size: YM (10/12)

When I was growing up all the home school kids were weird.  Now home school has become the "in" thing.  Even the cool kids are coming out of home school programs.  Let's bring it back to the old days....join our movement to keep homeschool weird :-)

  • Youth sizing.
  • Blue with color print.
  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester 5.3 oz.
  • Ethically sourced and manufactured
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    Size Chest Width (Laid Flat) Body Length
    17" 22"
    YM 18" 23.5"
    YL 19" 25"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Fantastic customer service

    Following my previous review, Hope Outfitters reached out to me and let me know that the description had been changed to accurately reflect the 50% cotton 50% polyester materials and offered to refund my purchase. Throughout all of our interactions they were nothing but kind and understanding.
    Great customer service turned a poor experience into an excellent one. I will definitely be returning.

    Size down! Also 50% poly??

    Ordered the shirt in Medium for an 8 year old who's starting to grow out of their size small clothes. It is huge! It is also only 50% cotton, with 50% polyester, not what was advertised.

    I admittedly had not measured out the exact measurements of the shirts in the description, as I have never run into this issue before. I lined it up against an oversized size large I have and you can see it is only about an inch shorter and an inch less wide. Whereas lined up against a size small shirt it is more than 4 inches longer and 3-4 inches wider.

    That said, the dimensions are as described, that is just on me for not double checking and not realizing it was quite oversized compared to typical sizing. Unfortunately I cannot exchange for a small, as it is out of stock (no wonder; since it fits up to twelve year olds no one needs anything bigger).

    However, what is completely unacceptable is the false information regarding the materials. The description states the shirt is 100% cotton, whereas the label clearly shows it is 50% polyester. This is not acceptable.


    Loved the fit and quality of this shirt!