Current Cause | Rescuing Children From Sex Trafficking

Find Gardy & Stop The Sexual Trafficking & Exploitation of Children

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Three-year-old Gardy sits on his father’s lap at church in Haiti. Happy. Content. Free.  His papa, Guesno, gives him a gentle hug before he jumps down and runs off to go play.  After a few minutes, Guesno goes out to look for him but can’t find him.  A frantic search only confirms Guesno’s worst fears: Gardy is gone.

Now imagine this is your child. A million thoughts go through your mind as you search. As the minutes go by, you try not to panic. Where is he? Is he lost? Is he hiding? Is he safe? Did someone take him?

Have you ever had that frantic feeling of losing track of a child? Unfortunately, for this dad, it was not a happy ending. Guesno’s worst fears were confirmed; his son had been kidnapped.

When founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), Tim Ballard, first heard Guesno’s story, he wanted to help. But when he asked what was being done to help find his son, he found out that Guesno was completely alone in his search. He said, Every day after work, I go and wander the worst parts of Haiti yelling for my son, hoping and praying that I will hear his voice.  I go to work all day and stay up all night trying to find Gardy, believing that he is out there somewhere. I can’t sleep knowing that one of my children’s beds is empty.  What would you do?

Tim Ballard made a commitment to Guesno that day--he would commit to helping him find his son.  He promised to never quit looking for Gardy until the day he dies.  They haven’t found the precious young boy yet, but every day he gets a little closer to his rescue and more clues are emerging in the search.  Help us find Gardy! 

Introducing our new campaign!!  We will be working with Operation Underground Railroad for the next year.  100% of our profit will be donated back to finding Gardy and stopping the sexual exploitation of children all around the world!