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Update: Through this campaign we donated over $20k dollars to Mercy Ships and helped increase the number of people giving to their organization through our creative marketing strategies.  Here is a letter of recommendation from their VP of marketing recommending working with our team Letter of Recommendation.

Click the video above to hear Zakael's story.  Read below to hear other stories of Hope and healing.

When Somaya was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, her father abandoned her. But her mother, Neny, never stopped praying for her daughter to be healed so she could be like other children. Even when neighbors encouraged her to give Somaya away to an orphanage, Neny would not listen. “Somaya is a gift from God,” she would say.  

Then one day Neny saw a program on TV that informed her that Mercy Ships was coming to Madagascar to provide free surgeries. Her hope soared. “This is an answer from God,” she thought. She rushed to get Somaya a card for screening—but two days before the screening Neny’s home caught fire and the card was destroyed. Neny felt like abandoning all hope for her daughter.

Losing the screening card weighed heavily on Neny, but five months later hope was restored when Neny heard that Mercy Ships was returning to Madagascar. Somaya would have a second chance! In the hospital ship’s ward, Neny and Somaya met other mothers and children with cleft conditions. They no longer felt alone. Soon Somaya’s life-changing surgery was scheduled.

This is exactly the mission and purpose of Mercy Ships! Mercy Ships restores hope, brings healing and offers love to people in some of the poorest countries in the world. They offer the surgeries for men, women and children that give them their life back, restore stolen childhoods, redeem teenage years and self worth.

Mercy Ships is a floating hospital run by volunteer surgeons and nurses. They offer state of the art surgeries for those who otherwise would live their whole life with cleft palate, tumors, burns, club foot or bowed legs. Most of these infirmities are directly caused by biological and economic conditions that these precious people are born into.

Not only do people receive the health care that is otherwise unavailable, they also receive God's love and compassion from doctors, nurses and support staff. They leave Mercy Ships new people, inside and out.

As you choose to partner with Hope Outfitters for this 6 month campaign, you are also partnering with Mercy Ships offering hope, healing and a new life to each life that Mercy Ship serves. It is such an exciting concept to us that the profit from every piece of apparel sold will go directly to Mercy Ships to help pay for the diesel fuel to power the ships to arrive into these ports, the anesthesia needed for these intricate and delicate surgeries, the food on board to feed the doctors and nurses, the bedding and pain medicine needed for post operation recovery.... and the list could go on.

Thank you for all of your support and prayer. We know this will be our most successful campaign yet, and the thought of funding Mercy Ships to be the hands and feet of Jesus has our team so full of excitement and anticipation.

- Hope Outfitters

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To learn more about Mercy Ships click here.



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Candy Golay

Candy Golay

January 03, 2020

This is a fabulous program! Hope Outfitters donates 100%of their profits to other needy Christian organizations to benefit their cause.

The tee shirts purchased from Hope Outfitters are top notch quality and the softest you’ll find anywhere! They are beautiful! They also have sweatshirts for colder weather.

So when you purchase from this company you will be helping needy Christian organisations along with purchasing your favorite shirts!

God bless you as you decide to make your purchase and support their organization of choice.

Candace VanderSchaaf Golay

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