Emily's Story - Get A Rescuing Gift This Mother's Day!

At six months old, Emily was sold on Craigslist for the first time. She was ONLY SIX MONTHS OLD! A little precious BABY! Also no one would have ever believed that her traffickers were indeed, her sad? Her middle class mom and dad sold her out of pure greed. They just wanted to make a few extra bucks off of their baby girl. This went on for years. Her parents would let strangers come in to have their way with their baby, and not only that, but they also would record videos to post online for more money. It wasn't until she was four that she finally was rescued and put into a loving home to help her heal from all of her trauma in her four years of life.

This is what Hope Outfitter's is fighting for, the freedom of kids who are dearly loved by their Father in Heaven. This Mother's Day, get your mom a gift that will touch her heart and will bring Hope to another's heart. We are sick of hearing stories like these, so lets do something about it together! This is our call to action!

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