Father's Day is Tomorrow!

Hey Hope family!

Tomorrow's Father's Day! We are so thankful for you fathers out there! You teach us how to selflessly pursue and sacrifice for others. you are our rock and inspiration. You pour into us wisdom and display strength and boldness in humility.

If you don't have a good dad like this, know that you have the ultimate loving Father in heaven that is all of those things and more!  He calls you his own. He is a good Father, and His love never fails. Praise Him because He LOVES you!

Dads give us a glimpse of who God is... a Father. What a HUGE important job that is! We are incredibly thankful for all you dads out there, and blessed that you took the challenge to show us God's character and point us to our Father in heaven. 

Let's honor our dads this Sunday for all they do for us. We love you dads.

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