Pray for Israel. 💔

Last Saturday morning, the world awoke to the tragic news of a severe assault on Israel conducted by the Palestinian militant group, Hamas. The escalating violence has resulted in numerous casualties, with thousands either losing their lives or sustaining injuries, and an undisclosed number of individuals, including the elderly, women, and children, allegedly being held hostage. The United Nations has strongly criticized these attacks on innocent civilians and the act of taking hostages, issuing a grave warning about an "extremely dire" humanitarian crisis in Gaza, while also urging Israel to permit the entry of humanitarian aid. 

We are devastated by the tragic violence and the profound loss of life in both Israel and Gaza. Join us in a prayer for peace and for all those undergoing this horrific humanitarian crisis.

Lord, You said, "Peace, be still," and the storm was still.

There are moments when we find ourselves overwhelmed by the storm. Yet today, we look to You, the Creator of heaven and earth, and we ask for a miracle: let Your peace embrace both Israel and Gaza.


God, let violence come to an end in the region. May there be no more devastation. We know Your heart aches for the lives lost and those who are still fighting, whether orphaned children, injured elderly, those who have been kidnapped, or families desperately searching for safety.

We lift up our own Americans that have been sent to aid in this time of crisis. We pray that each one diligently does what he has been sent to do on behalf of our country, and is able to return safely home.


We pray for those who have lost loved ones. May Your peace and love wash over them. Shield and provide for those who have been taken from their homes, and bring them safely back to their family.


God, we pray for the provision of food, necessities, and medical supplies to those in need. Help first responders rescue the injured and comfort the grieving.

God, we pray for a supernatural peace to triumph over conflict. Grant wisdom and discernment to those in positions of power. We pray that the right decisions are made during this time to end this war.


We pray for people scattered around the world whose friends and family members have been affected by this crisis. We know that You are with them. Enable us to express Your love to those impacted within our communities, churches, and workplaces.


We lift this prayer to you, the ultimate healer, protector, and creator. Jesus, come soon.


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November 23, 2023

That prayer was beautiful. My heart has been stirred to the point of tears in prayer over this. Some friends and I here in North Carolina have been praying for Israel if not daily, pretty close to it. Thank you for speaking out and raising awareness.

With much love from NC, Jonathan.

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