On December 1st, activists with Shout Your Abortion were seen taking abortion pills outside the Supreme Court while standing before a banner that said "We are taking abortion pills forever". The U.S. Supreme Court took on a legal challenge that had the possibility to overrule the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide, and outside the building were protesters speaking up for both sides of the matter. Disturbing videos show four women standing in front of this sign smiling and chanting as they draw attention before raising their water bottles as if they were giving a toast before taking these pills. Amelia Bonow tells Rewire News Group that the reason for partaking in this act was because "Relatively few people are aware that abortion pills are now widely available by mail in all 50 states, and that needs to be common knowledge ASAP."

Reporters present at this event, thankfully reported that the pro-life activists greatly outnumbered the pro-abortion activists, estimating about 4 to 1. Even in the midst of deep evil, God is working and He's not giving up. We always can cling to Hope in fighting the battle for the unborn!


Richard Houston, a 21-year veteran of Mesquite, Texas' police department, died a tragic death. He had responded to a domestic disturbance call in the parking lot outside of an Albertson's grocery store. after arriving to the scene, he saw a couple outside fighting over an alleged affair. He then proceeded to approach the couple hoping to get them to calm down, but the married man pulled out a gun and shot Richard in the chest then turned the gun to himself and shot himself in the head. Richard died but his shooter did not.

Richard's memorial service was held at Lakepointe Church where three people spoke including Richard's oldest daughter, Shelby, in honor of the loved officer. Gill, his chief officer, described Richard as someone who was devoted and loyal to his job, family and most importantly his God. "He was an all-in kind of person," Gill said. Yates, the assistant chief, shared a similar description of this faith filled officer and said, " Richard didn't just go to church, he walked with God each day, God was with him last Friday, and Richard is with God."

After both officers spoke, Shelby, Richard's 18 year-old daughter, wanted to share a few words for her dad and her words astonished the crowd. She shared that while her dad was well known as an officer, he was also an amazing father to her and her siblings. She described him as her biggest fan and supporter, someone who never missed out on any sport's game or competition. He was always there for the family, but what she said next was clearly fruit of her rooted faith in the Lord. She said, "I remember having conversations with my dad about him losing friends and officers in line of duty. I've heard all the stories you can think of, but I always had such a hard time with how the suspect was dealt with. Not that I didn't think there should be justice served, but my heart always ached for those who don't know Jesus, their actions being a reflection of that. I was always told I would feel differently if it happened to me, but as it happened to my own father, I think I still feel the same. There has been anger, grief, sadness and confusion, and part of me just wishes I could despise the man who did this to my father. But I can't give any part of my heart to hate him. My prayer is that someday down the road, I get time to spend with the man who shot my father. Not to scream at him, not to yell at him, not to scold him, but simply to tell him about Jesus.

Wow. Shelby, totally grieved and broken by the loss of her dad, was able to set her mind on heaven and eternal things to feel concern and love for her own father's murderer. If that doesn't clearly demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit, then I don't know what would. Her testimony and the fruit from her life is an amazing example of what the Love of God is like. Even though we deserve none, He pours it out freely when it costed Him everything. 


After a devastating tornado hit in Arkansas, along with other neighboring states, Samaritan's Purse jumped into action, helping more than 30 homeowners in Arkansas. While there is sure to be many stories told on this event, Connie's story stuck out to us and we wanted to share it with you.

Connie Carter lives her life serving people, she has spent the last 40 years caring for senior adults in her professional career, and when she gets free time, she spends it helping her community and looking out for any needs of others around her. But when the tornados hit she found herself needing help. Then to Connie's surprise, orange shirt volunteers with Samaritan's Purse came to lift the burden off of her shoulders. Along with physical help, cleaning up her home and yard, they also helped in encouraging her spiritually. Then the team gifted her a Bible with all of their names signed inside. Connie says, "I spent three days crying. Today is the first day I haven't cried." She was absolutely blown away at the act of love that was shown to her and her neighbors, whom the team also helped.

She shared with the team that leading up to their visit, she would walk down her street and bawl her eyes out as she watched homes, that were once loved, get bulldozed with nothing left to salvage. She also shared a few miraculous stories that showed her that God was with them in the tragedy. In one of the stories she had shared, a young couple, who last minute grabbed their baby and jumped in the bathtub to take shelter, were untouched by the tornado that completely demolished their home and found themselves alive still in their bathtub that had been blasted into the street. God's presence and saving hand was apparent even in the middle of a disaster. All the praise to His Name!

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