Human Then, Human Now

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them. Psalm 139:16

Let's talk about you: your heart, your brain, your fingerprints, and reflexes. Those are only three examples of the various components of your human body, right? did you know that your heart has been beating since 18 days since your conception? Your first brainwaves could have been detected since 42 days after conception? your unique set of fingerprints were there since you were only 8 1/2 weeks into development. And at 10 weeks the body is sensitive to touch. This is all done before your mother was out of her first trimester! How incredible! Your chromosomes that make up the unique human being you are, are present at conception! Psalm 139 talks about the value of a human being and their life ahead of them are all present in their unformed substance! Days, good and bad, are all fashioned before there were any! The unplanned child, the child with genetic abnormalities, the child conceived in love and the child conceived in rape all are created with purpose. I dare you to try and approach the mother of a child born under any of those circumstances and tell her they don't have value or  that they should not have been born. You're risking a slap to the face that you would definitely deserve. How dare we assume the worth of another human being. It is shameful that it is even debatable. 

So what's the problem? Why are people crying out for the protection of eagle eggs yet fighting for the right to kill an unborn child? It's selfishness, and selfishness cannot be cured until there is there is a real recognition that it exists. I believe we as human beings have never been so in denial of anything more than our own selfishness. It clouds our minds and makes us desperately stubborn and wildly arrogant. There's no reasoning with unreasonable people, even when scientific facts are presented. 

But let's continue to present the facts and pray that they will land on ears that are decidedly open to truth. Let's pray for words like embryo and fetus to become synonymous with human to those hardened to the evidence presented on development in the womb. Let's be firm and compassionate teachers to those living in defiant naivete that if we, with all of our unique characteristics, are human now, we were also human then.


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