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Life On Mission!

Life On Mission!

But our citizenship is in Heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, Philippians 3:20

Are you comfortable? Have you made for yourself a place that you can’t imagine leaving? A place where stored treasures and memories crown your identity like little jewels that can be seen glittering in every social media post? Unfortunately, most of us are so busy attending to this proclivity for comfort, that we don’t even think of ourselves as missionaries! It’s curious how, when we think of missionaries, we imagine them living in a foreign land, surrounded by unfamiliar and often uncomfortable or strange surroundings, and exposed to new customs in the land they have settled in to spread the gospel, yet we fail to recognize ourselves as such in light of our eternal home. What if we looked at ourselves through that same lens? Do we really believe what it says in the verse from Philippians above? If so, what are we doing here? I'm speaking to myself as I look into a kitchen that I’ve pondered for over a year now on how I can get it looking the way I want so I can comfortably and stylishly make Christmas cookies and appetizers for party guests. My point is, if we committed as much time to our mission in this world, that is not our home, as we do to the comfort we feel while living here, I think we would be filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding. We cannot rest in the work of futility, but we can rest in the work of Jesus Christ and his call to spread the gospel. But this is hard, isn’t it? If you came into my house right now and saw the way I live my life you would assail any thoughts I have on sacrificing comfort in the name of living life on mission. In his novel The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis says, Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home.” We should be devoted to encourage each other to be eternally minded, too.

So what happens when we confront our comfort as an obstacle to our mission at hand? There are radicals, people I admire, that give it all up for the opportunity to live on mission. But smaller steps might require giving up that kitchen dream and giving more to the church, sitting next to a hurting coworker at lunch,or using a Saturday to invite a neighbor over for coffee. Being missional is a state of mind. It’s a sacrifice hanging on the knowledge that Earth is not our home and it’s not home for the billions of other eternal beings we share it with. Consider part of our mission living this out and showing others what this looks like.

Hope Outfitters is a company that invites you into the mission! Hope Outfitters Buy 1 Give 100 model allows you to give back with every purchase to those in need. Buy 1 shirt, and 100% of the profits from that purchase are given back to the current campaign. So far we have given back over $200k to heal the sick, take care of the poor, fight human trafficking, and so much more.  This is a big world, and sometimes the needs feel overwhelming, but when you buy from us you can be sure that the money you are spending is being used to bring hope to those in need and further the gospel! So it seems being comfortable and being missional CAN be done at the same time: with the purchase of a t-shirt. 

May God speed your mission and create a desire in you to redeem the time.

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