Pray for Turkey


“There's no hope,” said Mehmet Yilmaz, who estimated there were about 80 people trapped under a collapsed six-floor building in his city of Nurdagi. “We can’t give up our hope in God, but they entered the building with listening devices and dogs and there was nothing.” Mehmet’s six relatives trapped in the rubble, including a 3-month-old baby, likely won’t be rescued alive.
Thousands are being evacuated and brought to shelter to avoid the disaster, but for many others, the help came too late. This is a disaster unlike any the area has seen. With the death toll rising and already over 20,000, + 70,000 injured, the earthquakes that hit the Turkish cities are absolutely heartbreaking. 



Syria, ravaged by years of war and terrorism, isn’t exactly prepared to deal with this type of devastation. With an already depleted infrastructure, this is a major crisis for Syrians and refugees in the area. Pray for the recovery of the nation, and most importantly the families affected by the lives lost.
Pray for the people of Turkey and Syria, as they struggle to find shelter, resources, and food among these trying times. Pray that more lives are saved as the rescue missions continue, and the disaster comes to an end.


Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization we partner with, has already mobilized disaster response specialists and began to position relief supplies for rapid deployment to the affected areas. By donating to or purchasing from Hope Outfitters, you are aiding in their rescue operations! We give 100% of profit away to our partner charities.

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