Current Cause | Rescuing Children From Sex Trafficking

Free Indeed Campaign - Anti-Human Trafficking

Campaign Goal:  $7500
Raised:  $8158

Hope Outfitters partnered with Sold ( to fight against human trafficking.  100% of the profit during this campaign went back to purchase thousands of bars of soap.  These bars were and will be placed in hotels and motels nationwide.  Each bar of soap has a label with a hotline number to help the victim escape.

Through this project girls were and will be freed from slavery. We heard reports from the location where the bars of soap were placed that girls called the hotline number to get rescued out.  Your purchase is making the difference. Go back to and buy any T-shirt or decal and 100% of the profit from your purchase will be given back to the current campaign.

Below is the campaign video that was produced for the Free Indeed Campaign: