2020 Year In Review

Hey Friends!

2020 was a CRAZY year!  I'm sure we can all agree on that, but in the midst of it all...there WERE blessings upon blessings because our God is still on the throne! Looking back and reflecting on this year has really encouraged us, so we thought we thought we would send some encouragement your way too.  Here are our 2020 highlights, all because of you:

  1. We gave back over $20k to Embrace Grace & And Then There Were None (ATTWN) to help save babies and protect moms from making a decision they'd regret,
  2. We experienced a firsthand testimony of someone switching to pro-life,
  3. We launched a new campaign to fight human trafficking all around the world,
  4. We gave back $5000 to fight human trafficking,
  5. We had over 240,000 people visit us who got to experience the love of Jesus,
  6. We grew and expanded during these uncertain economic times,
  7. We were boycotted by anti-pro-life groups,
  8. We had to shut down our Spokane store (right before COVID hit) which protected us,
  9. We prayed with 100's in our retail stores, and
  10. By God’s grace COVID could not keep us down!

How GREAT is our God!  Those are some huge praises! Give each other a big high five because we couldn't have done this alone. It's because of your support and God's grace that all this happened. Now let's get out there and continue to change the world, one life at a time!

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