24 Girls Rescued!

Hey friends! Here is a story from the front lines. This is how your purchase is making the difference through Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)! Check it out:

Operation Whale Watch was a high-risk operation in Latin America. This specific mission was considered high-risk because they were going after multiple, most likely armed traffickers, who were not new to the game. They were professionals in the business. To make matters even more serious, they were also highly connected in their community and were believed to have some of the local police on their payroll.

Before O.U.R. took action, they sought approval from federal law enforcement. The plan was a go! They rented a house (O.U.R.), set up hidden cameras, and then planned a birthday party as a cover. The trafficker's and a large group of girls showed up. OUR had law enforcement dressed as servers, ready to make arrests.

There were 2 waves of girls coming. The first wave was 24 girls. The girls looked broken, forced there against their own will. As the law enforcement team waited, they came to the point where the stakes were too high to wait any longer and decided that they had to act fast for the safety of themselves and the girls. Forty-five seconds later, the police stormed in arresting a total of 5 traffickers and rescuing 24 young women, one of them being a minor.

The traffickers were sentenced and are now in prison for 15-30 years. The ringleader is still thought to be out there, but he is being hunted down by O.U.R. and the government. To hear more details on this operation, click the link below to see the full video story!


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Dan Strode

Dan Strode

June 19, 2023

Looking forward to it

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